Joelynn T. Stokes, Mediator


Joelynn has been a supporter of Alternative Dispute Resolution since her days in law school. While at Hofstra University School of Law, she researched and wrote her "senior thesis" on Alternative Dispute Resolution. She was also fortunate to be awarded a summer internship with the American Arbitration Association in New York. As an intern she was trained and served as a mediator with the Borough of Queens Mediation Tribunal.

Throughout her legal career and prior to the enactment of the present mediation rules, Joelynn was appointed by judges to mediate disputes in civil, probate and domestic matters. However, shortly after the new rules relating to alternative dispute resolution were enacted, Joelynn completed the Institute of Continuing Legal Education's mandatory 40-hour Mediation Training. Thereafter, she completed the required practicum hours and has maintained the necessary continuing legal education credits to become and remain a Qualifiable Mediator acceptable for placement on the court approved lists of mediators.

Recognizing that resolution of legal disputes is often hindered by emotions and perspectives shaped by individual personalities, Joelynn pursued further education to strengthen her undergraduate degree in psychology. As a result of her efforts, Joelynn earned a Master's Degree in Counseling. Because of her education and skill, her services as a facilitative mediator are frequently recommended by judges and requested by attorneys.

Having over 20 years of legal experience handling all aspects of civil, domestic and probate matters, coupled with her mediation training and experience, as well as her counseling background, Joelynn is well qualified to serve as a Mediator to assist you in resolving the disputes present in your legal situation.