Joelynn T. Stokes, Mediator



Mediation is a healthy alternative to litigating a divorce. Through the mediation process, the parties are encouraged to talk to each other, and through this process are often able to work through the underlying emotional issues that have impeded their ability to reach a resolution. Mediation also helps the parties explore alternative solutions to address their specific conflict and area of concerns.

Because the focus of mediation is helping parties work together toward a mutually agreeable outcome, the finger pointing and flying accusations that often occur in the litigation process are minimized. When the acrimony is diminished, parties are better able to address the immediate concerns and focus on what is important-resolving their conflict so both can move on with peace. This is extremely important when children are involved.

Mediation also empowers the parties to take control of their lives. Being able to decide their families fate rather than allowing a judge to decide, tends to create an environment where both parties remain in compliance with their agreement.