Joelynn T. Stokes, Esq.

Are Your Affairs In Order?


Attorney Joelynn T. Stokes received her Juris Doctorate degree from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree, graduating with a double major in Business and Psychology, from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Joelynn began her legal career as a litigation associate with defense firms where she practiced in the areas of environmental law and personal injury defense. As a result of that experience she gained substantial knowledge in insurance law, premises liability, auto negligence, and contractual liability disputes.

Joelynn later joined Hyatt Legal Services as a Managing Attorney of the Livonia office. As a result of her management skills and legal expertise, which turned around a struggling office, she was offered a partnership three months after joining the practice. Joelynn subsequently opened her own practice, J.T. Stokes & Associates, P.C. Because of her commitment to the disenfranchised of our community and her belief in equal access to legal representation, Joelynn took a sabbatical from her practice to serve as Deputy Chief Counsel with a non-profit organization that provides free legal services to indigent citizens. She had oversight of six legal units and over 70 employees.

Joelynn is well respected in the legal community by her colleagues and judges. She is frequently appointed by judges to serve as Guardian Ad Litem to investigate and issue recommendations on matters before the court. In addition, she is often chosen by judges and attorneys to serve as a facilitative mediator on pending litigation cases. Additionally, Joelynn has lectured for the Institute of Continuing Legal Education and the State Bar of Michigan's Ethics School. She was also an adjunct faculty member for Detroit College of Law. She has served on the State Bar of Michigan's Legal Aid Committee, Law Practice Management Section, and the Judicial Qualification Committee which evaluates candidates seeking judicial appointment by the governor. She currently serves on the Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program.

Joelynn now operates her own law practice which she has managed and maintained for over 20 years. She also serves as General Counsel for the 4th Episcopal District of the AME Church. Her areas of practice include:

                • probate
                • family law
                • trusts and estates
                • ecclesiastical law
                • facilitative mediation
                • real estate

Joelynn prides herself on providing high quality legal services at reasonable prices. She understands that her reputation as a committed lawyer is one of her best assets and "word of mouth" from satisfied customers is her best referral source.

    • Are Your Affairs In Order?

      Illness and/or death are inevitable facts of life. Unfortunately, we often act as though we can avoid the unavoidable. But we cannot; and sadly many of us realize this too late.
      Getting your affairs in order is as simple as 1-2-3. You merely need to think about answers to some very easy questions.
      • Who do I trust to make decisions for me when I can’t make them myself?
      • How do I want my medical care to be handled?
      • Who do I want to receive my assets when I pass?

      Once you answer these questions you will have completed Step 2 of getting your affairs in order. Step 1 is reading this article! Here you will find a brief overview of the tools used to get your affairs in order.

      You have obtained information and have given thought to key questions. You are now on your way to Step 3—taking action to set up your estate plan.

      To make sure all issues and circumstances are covered in your estate planning process, you should seek legal advice. A skilled and knowledgeable attorney will explore and examine with you “the whole picture” to assure that all situations are considered. Most importantly, the attorney will make sure that your intent is made clear.