Joelynn Stokes

Restoring peace to shattered lives and strengthening lives for victorious living!

Welcome! We are honored that you have chosen to consider J.T. STOKES & ASSOCIATES, P.C. to assist you. As you review these pages, you will note that Joelynn is a modern day renaissance woman. She is an established attorney, a skilled mediator, a compassionate counselor and an ordained minister who thrives on sharing God's message of love, joy and peace with everyone.

Although she wears many hats, Joelynn's dedication and commitment shines through in each and every one. She believes everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their station or situation in life. She also firmly believes that it is God's job to judge and her job to share His love.

So whatever need you brought to J.T. STOKES & ASSOCIATES, P.C., it is our hope that you will allow us the opportunity to serve you.